Since 1971 Expertise Engineering has supported our clients with innovative engineering services related to product design and development. Our in-house team has experience in the industrial marketplace.

Proper Heat exchanger and Ejector Vacuum system design is critical to industrial processes and to bottom line profitability. Downtime is simply too costly and disruptive, and poorly designed equipment can be dangerous. It’s important to choose a premium supplier versed in the latest thermal and mechanical engineering technologies. We offer a variety of quality heat transfer and related products to suit a wide range of process applications. We are able to provide the ideal customised solutions to clients around the world, no matter what their requirement.

We can provide a solution tailor-made just for you- our engineers delve deep into your requirements, take restrictions into account and design a product that satisfies all relevant international standards. We pay particular attention to the selection of materials- choosing only those which elongate service life and maintain reliable performance. To ensure reliable performance, we take into account the roughest operating conditions the system might encounter and design the tower accordingly. AAHANA caters to the needs for industry leaders across the world- we build relationships founded on high performance and competent service.

Rely on AAHANA Giffard systems and stay well ahead of the curve

Exchanger design is not an exact science. There are many thermal, hydraulic, and mechanical factors affecting performance and service life. For this reason common sense and practical experience are vitally important. We offer both.

A few factors affecting performance and service life:

  • Peak flows and turn-downs,
  • Flow surges,
  • Summer versus winter operation,
  • Start-up and shut-down extremes,
  • Thermal variations,
  • Differential metal expansion,
  • Tube vibration,
  • Material fatigue,
  • Corrosion and erosion

For us, we believe nothing is ‘impossible’ and we continually look for better ways of doing things.