Our mission is to ensure:

  • The highest quality and reliability of products for our customers,
  • Stable growth of the value of the company in order to satisfy our shareholders,
  • Sense of stability and development opportunities for our employees,
  • Business responsibility (protection of the environment and social interests).


Combining tradition and modernity, we connect experience, proven standards, and new solutions.

  • Today, we want to be the leader in our industry as far as industrial process equipment is concerned and a respected provider of products to other sectors.
  • Continuous striving for continuous improvement and development will allow us to broaden the range of designed and produced assortments of products, taking into account the supercritical parameters.
  • Tomorrow, we want to be one of the leading suppliers of industrial process equipment for the producers of power and process industries.
  • To integrated equipment to business and industry worldwide that provides cost reductions with attractive payback periods while enhancing the environment and negating environmental liabilities.


We are building our organizational culture on the following fundamental values:

  • Quality – we act towards the continuous improvement of our products and our way of action. We focus on the clients and their needs.
  • Honesty and respect – we are fair to customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, external institutions, and other partners.
  • Development and involvement of employees – we are promoting and supporting continuous improvement, creativity, and engagement. We create an atmosphere of trust and open dialogue. We value people who carry out their work with passion and dedication
  • Openness to change – we have fun with the changes. We learn from the best organizations.
  • Simplicity and transparency – a link between the main and auxiliary processes in the company and the flow of information are simple and transparent. We avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and any waste. By this, we act faster and more accurately.
  • Cooperation – we are a team. Together we know more and we can do more. Our team has the experience, motivation, common goals, and aspirations for continuous improvement.