Condensing System

Condensing System Manufacturer

When it comes to the performance of a turbine surface condenser in the operational field of a steam turbine cycle, you need utmost reliability and efficiency. Here’s where AAHANA’s know-how is invaluable. We manufacture customize package solutions based on customers' needs.

Our General Scope of Supply:

  • Condenser: Circular Condenser having Down Flow, Axial flow, or side inlet steam entry.
  • Turbine to Condenser steam duct, including necessary expansion joints.
  • Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System.
  • Flash tank, drain header, and Instrument standpipe.
  • Dump Tube.
  • Condensate Pump system: Pumps are in vertical or horizontal arrangement; either API 610, ISO 5199, or standard manufacturer pump design.
  • Control system: Including level control valves; pressure and temperature indicators, transmitters, and controllers.
  • Interconnecting piping with filter, fittings, and valves.

Condensing System Supplier

AAHANA supplied overall Condensing System packages involving basic and detailed engineering, procurement, testing, and delivery. Condensers are manufactured in diverse materials. Tubes are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, Cu and Nickle alloys, Titanium, and Duplex. Tube sheets can be solid type or cladded, according to the quality and nature of the cooling water. All components are mounted or prefabricated in our workshop in common or separated steel base frames.