Gas Skids

Gas Skids manufacturer

  • AAHANA Giffard systems has been providing measurement solutions to the world's Oil, Gas, and Process Industries for over 20 years with over 1000 metering, filtration, and pressure control skid systems reliably operating in countries worldwide.
  • As one of the few fully independent systems integrators in the Oil and Gas Industry, we offer solutions with the best and most recent technology to meet project requirements.
  • Our experience in all types of high accuracy metering from fiscal/custody systems for Natural Gas and crude oil, through dry gas metering packages, is hard to match.
  • We specialize in designing Modular skids on a structural base for proper transportation and maintenance.
  • We have a specialization in the fabrication of pressure piping. AAHANA Giffard systems can carry fabrication for piping which includes the entire process range for the Natural Gas industries. This includes High-Pressure piping (#150 to #2500), Low-temperature applications (A333 Gr. 6, A350LF2), and on request special alloy.
  • All necessary National and international standards are followed and can be certified for BS10204 3.1 on request.


Conventional project procedures are complemented by innovative work practices including integrated Team working and Open Book Partnering.

In offshore and onshore production facilities, pipeline operations, terminals, refineries, and power generation stations, AAHANA Giffard systems packages set the standard.

Complete with associated equipment for control, analysis, filtration, pressure, and flow regulation, all AAHANA Giffard systems are designed to meet national and international standards.


Unlike many metering system manufacturers, AAHANA Giffard systems is completely independent and not tied to specific equipment vendors. This enables us to supply the most competitive and objective solution to meet the customer's requirements.

The project reference list displays how AAHANA Giffard systems has promoted constant advances in metering technology, improving performance and increasing value for its clients.

Gas Skids Engineers


AAHANA Giffard systems has fabricated filters for Natural Gas application under ASME SEC VIII. Based on the application and process data AAHANA Giffard systems can design and suggest suitable filter cartridges.

Necessary instrumentation monitoring and control can be implemented. Differential pressure transmitters, Automatic condensate drainage, Level control, and Monitoring are few applications where AAHANA Giffard systems has proven solutions.

AAHANA Giffard systems understands design concepts for lesser operation and maintenance cost. AAHANA can offer Quick opening closure for filters from many reputed vendors worldwide. We also provide solutions for pressure safety based on process parameters and system requirements.

AAHANA Giffard systems strength also lies in designing maintenance platforms and structures for a modular design of skid which helps online maintenance.


AAHANA Giffard systems has fabricated skids for all measuring principles like Orifice, Turbine, Ultrasonic, and Corriolis meters. Our design group understands different stringent requirements under AGA and ISO standards (few to mention AGA3, 7, 9, 11). We carry out honing for meter runs to suits the requirement of standards.

We seamlessly integrate the mechanical and instrumentation work on the modular skids. We carry out instrumentation work like cable tray laying, junction box supports, installation of transmitters and instruments, etc.

Gas Skids Supplier


Offering various solutions for numerous processes in upstream and downstream Oil and Gas industries is always a tricky issue. AAHANA Giffard systems offers a proven redundant active monitor pressure control system to suit the client’s requirement.

High-quality products are used to support AAHANA Giffard systems philosophy of Safety First. Monitoring and control systems are offered for both local and remote systems.


AAHANA Giffard systems fabricates vessels for water bath heaters. Based on the client’s requirement, AAHANA integrates the third-party control system to offer a complete solution for the heating skid.

In offshore and onshore production facilities, pipeline operations, terminals, refineries, and power generation stations, AAHANA Giffard systems packages set the standard.

A bypass skid before pressure reduction can be offered to make the Gas line operational without waiting for the main heating skid. The heating skid then can be integrated online.