AAHANA Steam Jet Syphons operate on the steam let principle utilizing the energy of steam under pressure to pump, mix liquids and handle solids. They can be used for the handling of corrosive or abrasive liquids and solids because of their design simplicity and the absence of moving parts.


AAHANA Syphons offer numerous advantages. With-in the Syphon, there are no moving parts to wear or break, and thus no requirement of maintenance. Since the Syphon is small in relation to the work it does, the cost is correspondingly low. Easy to install & it may locate in remote and inaccessible places without requiring constant attention.


In operation, steam under pressure discharges at high velocity through a nozzle and entrains the suction liquid or slurry, the steam and suction fluid are mixed intimately in the specially designed diffuser of the Syphon and are discharged against counter pressure. The pressure steam, which passes through the nozzle at high velocity, is condensed by the Suction liquid, raising its temperature. Density, Viscosity, Specific heat, Discharge head, and suction pressure of the pumped liquid all influence the temperature rise. Steam jet Syphons will not operate if the temperature rise brings the liquid to the boiling point. For proper operation, complete condensation of the motive steam in the Syphon is required.


AAHANA Syphons are especially well suited for processes where heating is required in addition to pumping since the pumping is accomplished for the cost of the heating. Some of their uses include intermittent pumping of liquids from tanks and pits, pumping filtrate from vacuum vessels and condensate from surface condensers, supplying heated water to the jacket of stills and graining bowls, removing liquid from pickling baths, extracting chemicals in reaction chambers, moving powdered material or material in granular form. Filling and emptying gas holder tanks, handling soap solutions in textile plants, pumping sugar juice and various liquids in canning plants.

Jet ejector uses water as an operating medium instead of steam to pump and mix liquids and handle solids.