Research & Development

When it comes to Research and Development, we have an inclination to think differently and a mission to challenge the status quo to ensure our products are:

  • Safe
  • Extremely efficient and reliable
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Cost-effective.

We connect at different levels with R&D Institutions, Universities, EPCs, Technology providers and end-users sharing similar values and beliefs and building long-lasting relationships. We are also committed to working closely with our clients to improve, innovate or adapt our Ejector Vacuum systems and Heat exchangers to meet evolving needs and demanding operating conditions.

As a result, we have designed and manufactured Heat exchangers, which met hush design conditions, being high temperatures (over 600°C) and pressures (over 200 barG), enable to withstand corrosion attack of aggressive fluids or fulfil complex process requirements by chemical processing.

Using both advanced design tools which include Ansys, Aspen, HTRI and Solid works; and experimental work, developments we have worked on. These include but are not limited to:

  • Extended surfaces capable of reducing thermal stresses to an acceptable level, which would otherwise cause premature failure of either steam or thermal oil heaters used in diaries for milk powder production or economisers used in waste heat recovery systems;
  • Coatings which provide smooth and prolonged operational life of our coolers in an off-shore environment;
  • More complex Shell & Tube heat exchangers with extended surfaces.
  • Improved leak safe solutions.

We also evaluate every design using Compress code ware to ensure that your new vacuum system or exchanger will meet all of the safety requirements of ASME Code, along with any nozzle loadings, seismic considerations and other site conditions that can affect the stability of your equipment. Every exchanger design is reviewed and approved by a 3rd party inspector, who also provides oversight during fabrication, and witnesses the ASME hydro-test of every exchanger. We can also design and build exchangers to API-660 and other international codes where appropriate.

Our commercial, design, production and marketing teams also actively evaluate new applications for existing proven products, adapting them to suit specific markets.