Dump Condensers

Dump Condensers are used to recover large amounts of steam that may otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. During fluctuating steam loads, turbine trip off, turbine start-up, or bypass, the excess steam that would ordinarily be vented can be diverted to a dump condenser. Dump Condensers may also be used for process plants when upset demand conditions occur.

A dump condenser is required when the steam consumption needs to be drastically reduced in a very short period of time and when the boiler cannot follow this variation.

Dump Condensers Manufacturer


  • Water-cooled Dump Condensers.
  • Fabrication and design typically to Heat Exchange Institute Standard (HEI), ASME Code, and can include TEMA, Seismic Codes, and other specifications.
  • Designs to eliminate excessive vibrations and water hammer
  • Standard materials are carbon steel with stainless steel tubes. Special materials are available for severe duty or other applications.
  • Dump Condenser can be furnished as a system which may consist of a Dump Tube, Steam Pressure/Temperature Reducing Station, and Condensate Recovery System which includes Level Controls, Condensate Pumps, and Electrical Control Panel for automatic operation.